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"VG-1" attracts with its aesthetic facades, quality construction and landscaping. The architectural complex is located in the heart of the city.

Everything has been created here for the comfortable life of the flat owners. A convenient underground parking for 111 spaces will allow you to immediately take the lift to the desired floor after entering the parking space. A wide variety of comfortable layouts, private covered terraces with great city views for most flats and a modern approach to construction fill the "VG-1" complex with coziness, practicality and maximum care for its residents.

The architectural complex consists of 5 residential units. Each of them has its own boiler room on the roof. The fundament of the complex is of the pile type. The flats will be warm in the wintertime, as the walls are made of gas concrete blocks and insulated with mineral wool.

In total there are 113 flats ranging from one-room to six-room. There are luxurious maisonettes on the upper floors.

On the ground floor of the complex there is a modern shopping centre: 37 shops with a selling space from 30 m2 to 140 m2.

For the safety of the residents, the complex is provided with video surveillance and automatic fire -fighting system. For convenience there are high speed internet connection and parking inside the courtyard.

Children's playgrounds, mini-football field, green areas with small architectural forms - the complex has plenty of space for recreation, games with children, sports and wonderful leisure activity!

residential units
113 comfortable flats
car places
in the underground parking
on the ground floor of the shopping center
minute accessibility
to every place of importance in the city
65 "25 Oktyabrya" Str., MD-3300 Tiraspol
+373 779 98595